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Grace Springs Solicitors


You cannot wish for anything better than a friendly , warm and understanding firm of solicitors who are committed to providing you with valuable, prompt and efficient legal services in a 21st century classy and comfortable office environment .

Our client’s comfort is important to us and so we provide all our clients with a comfortable sitting area fully furnished with modern facilities and flat screen television making you feel that you are home away from home.

We are courteous and respectful to our clients and we provide a cost effective , reasonable and affordable legal services to our clients all around London and its metropolis and also globally.

We offer our clients the opportunity of making payments to us using card services through paypal.

Our office is central and only 5 minutes away from the popular barking train station. We provide all our clients with bespoke legal services tailored to their needs.

We understand that no two cases or situation is ever the same and as a such we address every case brought to our firm with the utmost urgency and passion with a view to getting positive results to meet with our clients. Ultimate satisfaction.

We are passionate about what we do and also result oriented. Our client’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal and so we thrive to be the best to keep up the high standards and good reputation and good will that we have built over the years and also the very high standards we have set for ourselves over the years ,within the community that we operate in.

We are compassionate, humane and quite understanding and so our fees are reasonable and affordable. No hidden fees. All fees are agreed before any work commences. We understand our roles and also give our clients an opportunity to make informed decisions on their case while also reiterating their rights and obligations towards us as service providers.

We also attend our client’s homes to take instructions from them in cases where they are indisposed as a result of disability or sudden illness. We are also quite professional and have written policies and procedures in line with required standards. We are a family friendly firm and also take pride in protecting our client’s confidentiality while at the same time working tirelessly daily to protect all our clients. Rights during the period we carry out work on their behalf.

Our equal opportunities policies are operational and applicable at all times and so, this allows us to carry out work on behalf of members of the public regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender , age or disability.

All meetings and appointments are strictly confidential.

We understand that sometimes members of the public may be apprehensive and worried about very high fees charged by firms of solicitors. We assist our clients by making payments easier for them by offering them the option of fixed fees instead of having to charge them on an hourly basis, thereby reducing the possibilities of incurring very high fees during the period we act on their behalf.

Over the years, we have also put machinery in place to make sure that all our clients understand the issues bothering on the fees charged without any hidden fees.Our client care letters and terms of business clearly spells out the terms and conditions of relationship with our clients. So if you are looking for a firm of solicitors who can provide you with an up to date bespoke legal services in a prompt , efficient and professional manner while adding the traditional twist of a timely intervention and a result oriented approach, then do not look any further, we are a phone call away. Call us on or 24hr service, and you will be glad you did.

As part of our contribution to our community, we are also offering free legal advice on our television broadcast on two television stations on sky television- Ben Tv channel 182 and FaithWorld Tv channel 590.Both on Saturday @10am and also on Wednesday @ 1.30pm in faith world television.