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Masterclass with Kate Okoli is a legal orientated television talk show whose aim is to evoke a thought process which brings about positive changes within the community.
This programme is birthed out of a need to assist men, women and children experiencing domestic violence in their homes while giving them free legal advice, counselling and support.

Masterclass delves into topical issues like domestic violence, child abuse, rape, early child marriage and other societal issues which endangers successful relationships.

Masterclass is also used as platform to speak against and create awareness relating to domestic violence in all its ramifications.
If you want to share your life experiences in order to empower others, we will like to hear from you and we are happy to invite you to speak on this platform.

We are presently looking for sponsors who can contribute to this programme to enable it impact live daily.

Masterclass with Kate Okoli is presently being solely sponsored by Gracespring Solicitors located in the United Kingdom.

If you have been affected in any way by watching our programme, please we will love to hear from you.

Contact details: 07950592545

*Should you wish to share your experiences with us using our media platform, either through our website or through our Television Talk-Show or media representations. We accept no responsibility for any of the content provided, we do not hold any title to this content. As this content has been submitted to us, we do hold right to share (anonymously) within the confines of our media platform.*

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