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With the recent changes in the law, we understand that the position of our clients and potential clients alike may have changed.

We encourage all potential clients to call us on our 24hr helpline to book an appointment. Because we are a private firm, we usually charge a fixed fee for 1hr consultation. During this 1hr period, we are able to listen to our client’s case, take instructions from them, ask further questions for clarification and then give a comprehensive advise on what the true position of the client is as far as their immigration history is concerned.

Procrastination they say is the thief of time. Do not continue to live your life in fear, take the bold step and call in to know your true position. We are here to help you solve all your immigration problems.

All meetings are strictly confidential and so you do not have to worry as your confidentiality is uppermost I our hearts.

What makes us different from others?

We provide necessary support at all times through our commitment to seeing to it that our client are able to access our 24hr services in times of emergency.

We are specialist advisers in the following areas:

  • Asylum and immigration law
  • Human rights application
  • Application for settlement
  • Application for discretionary leave to remain in the UK
  • Application under the 7yr concession for children
  • Eu application
  • Spousal visa
  • Entry clearance applications
  • Visitors visa
  • Application for British citizenship
  • Settlement visas for elderly family members and children
  • Bail applications
  • Appeals
  • Judicial review applications
  • Deportation cases

If you are looking for expert advice in all your immigration matters, then look no further.

We are the first ethnic minority firm that offers free legal advice in different areas of law on sky television as part of our contribution to the community.