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We understand that for experiencing divorce or separation can be emotionally draining for most people, we are here to help and support you all through this difficult period. We are also able to provide additional help and support to you should you in anyway be facing challenges in the areas relating to access to your children due to a break down in your relationship. We will also talk to you about the possibilities of accessing mediation services to avoid daunting court proceedings. We cover all areas of family law. If you require an experienced, skilled and compassionate firm of solicitors to provide you with the appropriate advice and support that you require ,we are a phone call away.

We will help you to minimise the stress and anxiety and possible risk to your health which could arise if matters are not handled promptly and accurately.

We are willing to take the burden off you. Allow us to do the thinking and planning of all necessary strategies towards accessing mediation and also going through the rigours of a lengthy court proceedings in order to have a clean break

Areas covered in family matters:

  • Financial dispute resolution
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Application to access children
  • Child support and custody cases
  • Application for a prohibited steps order to stop a child being taken from the uk
  • Issues with social services.

We believe in prompt service delivery and in doing this, our client’s satisfaction and best interest is uppermost in our hearts. We are therefore able to relate with our clients by showing empathy and at the same time we keep up to date with changes in the law by upgrading ourselves by attending training courses to help us broaden our knowledge and expertise in the best interest of our client for optimal service delivery.