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The beautiful Mind Foundation is a not for profit organisation which works for the public benefit. We provide support for women and children both in the diaspora and also within less privileged community in Africa.

We understand that the family is the prototype of society and so we aim to raise a national awareness of the importance of relationships and promote access to support services for families during crisis period. We are providers of relationship support in order to strengthen relationships within the home front.

We hope to make a difference in society by supporting today's relationships, be it with spouses, partners and even relationships between parents and their children. We believe that prevention is better than cure.

We have carried out research to understand and improve the quality of relationships in society. We hope to work on a range of research projects to highlight the value of strong and healthy relationships and impact that relationships support can have in improving relationship quality.

We also hope to set up a Relationship Academy which help to educate both adults and young people on the different issues surrounding domestic violence and how to avoid engaging in an abusive relationship.

Other yearly summits will be organised on behalf of our youths which is designed to Repair, Rebuild and Restore the lives of women and young adults who perhaps might be encountering challenges in life. The aim of this yearly summit is to provide them with life Management skills needed to lead a successful and stress free life.